Sheep Rustler Order – Whole Foods

So, for my first cheese – a Sheep Rustler Order. No, I had no idea either what one of these was either. But the whole point of this blog is to try new cheeses, write about and then tell you about it. Broadening horizons etc.

I got the cheese from Whole Foods – a bit fancy, but I was there anyway and thought I’d start the cheese tasting off in style.

Anyway – down to serious business – what was the cheese like?


I must admit – I’m haven’t eaten a lot of sheep cheese. Before I ate this, I thought it would be a hard cheese with a lot of flavour. Not sure why I thought that, but from looking at it it looked hard and dense…so I just expected a hard texture and a strong flavour.

How wrong I was! It was delicious! Not a strong flavour at all, very subtle in fact – so I just kept eating it (don’t think I demolished it all at once, but I easily could have done). It was really creamy, with a smooth and soft texture – absolutely wonderful. So as I said, the combination of flavour and texture meant that it was very moreish – this isn’t a cheese that will last you a long time.


I ate it with crackers (sure I’ll write a separate post on crackers later). Probably could have gone with bread as well, but I tend to always eat cheese with crackers.  I decided to try a chutney with this and what I’d say – don’t have this with any sort of chutney. Because the flavour is so subtle, any sort of chutney or pickle will overpower it.  And you wouldn’t want to ruin the flavour of a cheese, would you? I wouldn’t even bother pairing it with grapes or any other sort of fruit. Or even wine. Wouldn’t be any good on a cheeseboard. Just enjoy the simplicity.

As you can tell, I really enjoyed this cheese. I’d buy it again, and it’s got me wanting to try more sheep cheeses. Would recommend.

Bought from Whole Foods on High Street Kensington, probably not available in most supermarkets but probably one to look for in delis (which is great – support local businesses!)