Wensleydale Special Reserve

As you’ll have seen in my last post, I made the journey to the Wensleydale Creamery. One of the highlights of this was the shop at the end, where you could taste all of the cheese available to buy and make your choice. Sadly given the 5+ hour journey home I was a little limited on my cheese choice (not sure cheese whiff would add anything to a long Virgin Train journey to be honest).

But back to the point. I decided to buy a Wensleydale Special Reserve cheese as it’s a bit different to normal Wensleydale, and I hadn’t heard of it before. The difference with normal Wensleydale is that it is matured for longer.


Another cheese that I really liked.  We all know that one of the features of a good Wensleydale is how crumbly it is – this one is even crumblier, and I think that’s to do with the longer maturing time. As you’d expect, it has a strong flavour (again, that must be due to the longer maturing time), which lingers and is quite tangy. The tanginess was unexpected but I liked it, and I kept eating it…once you pop you can’t stop etc.


Mmmm, lovely, crumbly, tasty cheese. Because this has a strong flavour it works with chutneys – but be careful you don’t put too much on because you want to savour this strong flavour!  The chutney I used also came from the Wensleydale Creamery – called the Yorkshire Wensleydale Chutney.  This is nice and I’d recommend as a good pairing with any hard cheese with a strong flavour.  You can buy both the cheese and the chutney online  via the links provided.

Wensleydale cheese has the “Protected Geographical Indication” status – the EU labelling that gives special status to food associated with a particular place, and only the cheese made at the Wensleydale creamery can use the EU label to identify it as the real deal. Without being asked, the guide in the museum said they had no idea what would happen to this post-Brexit.

On that note – happy cheesing!